Istria used to be an industrialized region — and industry has not disappeared. Nevertheless, it is hardly present in self-images of the region. However, what’s about popoular memories? How do people remember a past when industry was the emblem of modernity and provided stable and decently paid jobs? To explore these tensions between popular memories and public regimes of representation is the goal of a two years project, run jointly by the University of Pula and the IOS Regensburg. The project is funded by the DAAD and the Croatian Ministry of Research, and directed by Igor Duda and Ulf Brunnbauer. It is also a result of our research on Uljanik — and this research will feed into this project as well. Apart from Uljanik, we will explore also other (post) industrial milieux, such as the former mining towns of Labin and Rasa, the tobacco factory workers in Rovinj and the Mirna Fish Conserve factory, also in Rovinj. The kick-off workshop took place in Pula at the end of March, 2018.